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Coronavirus – Recommencement Strategy

Coronavirus Strategy

Our 8-step approach to resuming our full services for our clients during Coronavirus restrictions is:

  1. Legislation: our staff will respect the legislation and guidelines issued by HM Govt
  2. Respect Social Distancing: we recognise the need to reduce the ‘R’ infection rate and it is a priority for our easement planning with our clients
  3. Corporate social responsibility: we are mindful of our responsible Corporate approach for our clients and our own staff and the importance of how we operate during the current pandemic
  4. Avoiding Healthcare burden: we will strive to avoid adding any additional burden on public health resources as a result of our operating processes
  5. Guidance for our team: as a team we are continuing to learn, adapt and develop our responses to the current health threat
  6. Respectful of travel restrictions: we will abide by travel advice and are conscious that not all our clients across the UK are moving at the same pace or under the same restrictions
  7. Availability of our services will be staged: by their nature, not all our training and consultancy resumption will be simultaneous
  8. Safety of our staff and clients: The care and protection of our team and our customers is our priority and central principle as we deliver this strategy.


Our courses are now available as Remote Video Conferencing. These courses will be held in small groups and will be facilitated by our Directors, they are interactive, focusing on blending the legal requirements of the role with practical the aspects. Dates will be published soon but in the meantime please contact for dates and pricing.

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