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The Importance of GDPR

GDPR and SMEs.

The clock continues to tick towards 25th May 2018 and with it, the GDPR looms closer than ever.
The General Data Protection Regulation will come into force to upgrade the current Data Protection Act in terms of managing data held by companies nationwide. Individuals will have more control over their own personal data; who is using it and whether they’re happy for it to be used in that way.
The implications mean tighter measures on how data is collected, managed, stored and processed and many businesses may find that policies and processes already in place become out of date once GDPR rolls around. More serious consequences for breaches will also be on the cards for any business discovered to have policies and procedures in place that are not in line with the GDPR.
Recent studies suggest that only half of the UK’s small and medium sized enterprises are aware of the GDPR – and even less have made any progress on preparing for the changes that may be required in 6 months’ time.
The changes required may be minimal, however the cost of avoiding the regulation could mean a fine of up to 2 million Euros if a breach is found to be within formal policies and practices. Once the GDPR is in place, the punishments will be severe and will be in force as soon as the regulation begins – without any exceptions.
If you’re wondering how to get ahead of GDPR and ensure you stay compliant with the new regulations, speak to a member of our team or join one of our GDPR Workshops.


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