In House Bespoke Training


Our In House Bespoke Training is Designed Around Your Needs

If you have 4 or more colleagues that require training it may be more beneficial to have a bespoke onsite solution tailored to your needs.

This could be as simple as delivering one of our standard courses to a group of colleagues at your premises, at a time and date to suit you.

Or, we can create a course specific to your individual data protection landscape. Each organisation will manage data slightly differently and as such will have varied requirements to stay compliant with the legislation. We work with organisations across many sectors, including hospices, charities, hospitals, NHS trusts, local and county councils and a range of education services, not to mention the private sector.

We can build a tailored course that covers everything you need to know and bring suitable scenarios and case studies to make sure what you’re learning is easy to put into practice. A selection of our most popular topics covered in bespoke sessions is listed below, but these are by no means exhaustive.

  • Combined Data Protection Officer/Caldicott Guardian/SIRO training (usually run as separate sessions making up a full day or two depending on numbers)
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Freedom of Information Requests and redaction
  • Safeguarding
  • Data Protection Officer training
  • Information Asset Owner or administrator specific training
  • Physical security, including CCTV
  • Board level assurance briefings
  • Privacy notices and other processing requirements
  • Working with multi-agencies (including police)
  • DSP Toolkit
  • Ethics and decision making
  • Schools and Academies specific sector training
  • Data flow mapping training
  • UK GDPR specific training
  • Data Protection Officer training
  • Refresher or induction training for staff awareness related to your industry and roles
  • Marketing, fundraising and UK GDPR

Feedback From Bespoke Courses

  • Very interesting and informative – thank you! (June 2019)
  • Really useful and great to have people participating from a range of different organisations and perspectives (April 2019)
  • I genuinely really enjoyed this course, I didn’t think I would!  Just thought it would be necessary to do but it made real sense and I felt involved and interested throughout (April 2019)