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BLS Stay Compliant help organisations understand their legal obligations under Data Protection law, and support them to devise/refine and implement effective internal controls, processes, training and culture in order to minimise risk and safeguard information.

From our offices in the UK and UAE, we partner with organisations throughout the globe whose activities fall under UK and EU data protection law.

Our clients operate within the public, private, and charity sectors, ranging in size from small practices and businesses such as dentists, IT app providers and hospices to NHS trusts and multinational conglomerates.

We are a team of industry experts determined to translate the complexities to make data protection easier to navigate; making it work for you.

We have 60+ years of combined experience to guide you through the intricacies of information rights legislation and compliance, making your role in data protection clear.

Our reputation is built on our values and professional ethos. We are experienced senior managers and accredited trainers at all levels, and having lived your roles ourselves we appreciate the need to deliver high-quality compliance inside budget restraints, especially within public services.

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"If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance."

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