Senior Information Risk Owner Course - SIRO Training


About the Course and SIRO Role

The Senior Information Risk Owner Course is a CPD accredited course.

Ideally a Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) should be an Executive Director or other senior member of the Board (or equivalent), e.g. senior management committee.

SIROs should be familiar with information risks, including those identified in the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) and the organisation’s response to risk to ensure they can provide the necessary input and support to the Board and to the CEO/Accounting Officer.

It is also suitable for those who act in a supporting role to their SIRO.

The day includes the following content:

  • Recommended Information Governance Roles & Responsibilities
  • Relationship and responsibilities between SIRO, CG & DPO
  • Information and Corporate Governance models and suggested reporting channels to the SIRO
  • SIRO challenges
  • Information Sharing and professional responsibilities to partner organisations.
  • GDPR Principles of processing personal information
  • Threats and Risks to your organisational data
  • Effective management of personal data assets
  • The legal Landscape for SIRO
  • Privacy by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Data Protection and Security Toolkit
  • The value of Information Asset Registers to your organisation
  • Information Governance Risk and Compliance standards

We also present appropriate recent and pertinent case studies for attendees to discuss and learn from.

Learning Objectives

Key Learning Objectives for the Senior Information Risk Owner Course are:

  • Understand your role as a SIRO
  • Assess your own organisations compliance with the DPA and Caldicott principles
  • Incident and breach management reporting at board level
  • Enhance your confidence in making appropriate SIRO decisions
  • Be aware of confidentiality and ethical considerations
  • Learn from case studies of breaches by NHS and Social Care organisations

Course Feedback

  • Very interesting and informative – thank you! 
  • Really useful and great to have people participating from a range of different organisations and perspectives
  • I genuinely really enjoyed this course, I didn’t think I would!  Just thought it would be necessary to do but it made real sense and I felt involved and interested throughout