Managed Support

Subject Access Requests / Redaction (SARs)

Giving you the confidence to successfully navigate SAR's

Individuals’ rights is at the forefront of data protection, one of these is the ability to request for information held about themselves by a company or organisation.

Under the new UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, organisations must respond within a tight set time frame.

Do you have an effective process for dealing with subject access requests (and the redaction process to be applied to all access disclosures), Freedom of Information or Environmental Information requests?

This process can seem daunting but our Directors and staff have substantial experience in managing and redacting requests under all the above legislation and we are very sought after to provide our access and redaction training and support for your own organisations.

If you need any urgent support with an outstanding SAR or FOI or EIR request, or would like help to improve your process and responses, get in touch.