Physical Security Review

Assessing your security preparedness

A dedicated and intrusive examination of your physical security arrangements to identify and address weaknesses and vulnerability in the environment your information is stored and the effectiveness of your processes and security.

We will visit your premises and assess your physical, technical and organisational security, from suitable locks on doors and windows to the storage of physical documents. We will look at your needs for CCTV, whether you have the correct procedures in place for the destroying of documents containing personal data and your staff protocols regarding visitors, ‘empty desk policies’ and much more. We will also interview relevant staff to ensure their knowledge of physical security is at a suitable level.

This is a very specific requirement and what is covered will depend on the premises and requests from staff nearby.

We will then produce a detailed report, featuring our findings and recommendations to improve security where necessary.

Get in touch to request a physical security review at your premises.

“We were completely reassured by BLS’ visit and report. They were thorough, professional and provided efficient and understandable feedback on areas that we need to develop around UK GDPR. We now feel confident that we understand what it means to be compliant …and have a good recommendation on what we need to improve on.”