Advanced Senior Information Risk Owner Training

About the Advanced Senior Information Risk Owner Training

Getting security right has never been more important as organisations continue to respond to changes in working practices and improve their  ways of working, often delivering more and more services online.

The ‘Advanced Senior Information Risk Owner’ course is aimed at existing, experienced Senior Information Risk Owners wishing to develop their SIRO skills and knowledge.

This course provides accredited continuous professional development (CPD) for SIROs who seek reassurance about information risk across their organisation. It includes an in-depth review of the impact and lessons learned from recent serious data breaches.  

One of the SIRO responsibilities in the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit is ensure their board is adequately briefed on any information risk issues. Our course will enable SIROs to promote awareness of the Board or Trustee’s personal responsibility to exercise good judgement, and to safeguard and share information appropriately, enabling compliance with the DSP requirement.

A Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) should be an Executive Director or Senior Manager within the organisation with overall responsibility for the organisation’s information risk policy. This training is also relevant to Head of Information Technology, Information Governance or SIRO deputies that have attended our standard SIRO training in the past.

Whilst a Chief Executive (Accountable Officer) and Board have ultimate legal accountability SIRO as a board level representative for information risk may carry some liability in the event of breach or incident.

We recognise that once trained in the basics, further development in the role can be difficult to achieve.

Our team includes experience as SIRO in large organisations and considering our experience in training hundreds of SIROs since we were formed in 2014, we appreciate that those who have been trained in the SIRO principles (see our SIRO course) need to continue to develop their growing appreciation of global and cyber challenges, critical infrastructure dependencies, together with a need for wider resilience and sustainability issues.

This includes a desire for greater understanding of governance and accountability best-practice to ensure that their organisation’s most sensitive assets are robustly protected (particularly important under the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR).

In response to numerous requests and based on our extensive bespoke Senior Information Risk Owner support, we have now designed a contemporary, practical and interactive seminar that is developed using real life events and delve deeper into board assurance.

This seminar will bring attendees up to date with the latest relevant European rulings, challenge them with events and questions and importantly enable them to discuss options and outcomes with like-minded professionals in a safe learning environment facilitated by recognised SIRO and Information Governance experts with years of experience in making complex decisions and disclosures concerning sensitive personal data.

Course content and material used during the day will be available for delegates to take away and retain as aide-memoires.

Learning Objectives

Key Learning Objectives for the Advanced Senior Information Risk Owner course are:

  • Identify potential threats, vulnerabilities and appropriate controls to reduce the risks to people, information and infrastructure to an acceptable level in their organisation taking into account relevant statutory obligations and protections, including data protection legislation, the Freedom of Information Act (where appropriate), Equality Act and Human Rights legislation
  • Enhance confidence in board assurance reporting as SIRO
  • Consider and debate more complex SIRO challenges and demands
  • Recognise when to apply the requirements under the ‘Accountability Principle’
  • Learn lessons from a serious data breaches and know how to apply them to your organisation
  • Share experience and concerns to expand personal knowledge
  • The opportunity to access our experienced and respected SIRO, Caldicott Guardian and Information Governance specialists