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Our Core Values - Data Protection Consultants

Since our creation in 2014 we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the most respected Data Protection consultants in the UK.

Along the way we have been fortunate to have worked with some fantastic clients. Clients who have worked alongside us to help us grow as we have helped them comply with complex legislative requirements. We are still working with clients who supported us and have been with us from the very start. They appreciate our honesty and genuine desire to provide what they need, our loyalty to each other is shared and we continue to feel privileged to work in partnership with them.

We are continuously developing and learning; new regulations and interpretations of legislation mean information governance is an ever-evolving landscape. Our staff strive to maintain their knowledge and expertise to provide the most up to date and cost-effective services for our clients. It is thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic team that our company moves forward, grows and adapts.

We pride ourselves on our integrity. We recognise the sensitivities of personal data held by our clients and we treat it with the highest respect. We do not use or disclose any information we have been trusted with in confidence for any business advantage.

We have built the company’s trustworthy reputation by ensuring we never undermine or underestimate our clients’ reputations. After all, your data matters to you and to us.