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Charles Hartwell

BLS Stay Compliant approach data protection differently; blending their personal experience with current caselaw to ensure that their clients have the confidence of knowing the law, but also how to apply It within their organisation.  Their passion for supporting their clients is infectious and was what attracted me to the business.

Charles Hartwell FCA

Non-Executive Director

About Charles

Charles joined BLS Stay Compliant in 2020 and provides strategic advice and support to the Directors.  Charles has extensive experience in both general, and financial business administration within a range of complex, regulated organisations.

Most recently, Charles was CEO of a UK legal practice, and led its growth from a 6 office, regional firm to the country’s largest family law firm, with a national footprint of 22 offices.

Charles’ specific focus is to enable the company to establish and grow their presence in overseas markets, starting in the UAE.