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Introducing Carey Bloomer

BLS Stay Compliant is thrilled to welcome care sector leader Carey Bloomer to the team.

Carey is a registered nurse by background and worked in the care sector for 15 years, primarily as a Registered Manager of a large nursing home and latterly as a Managing Director.

Carey has been a pioneer in the care sector, particularly in driving forward digitalisation for Adult Social Care, enabling digital integration between all sectors. She was one of the first Registered Managers outside of the NHS to have an NHS email in the UK and was instrumental in reshaping the NHS toolkit into a toolkit that was also fit for the care sector.

Carey has been involved with the implementation and training of the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) nationally, in collaboration with the National Care Forum. She recognises that the care sector is increasingly being driven into more complex digital solutions and is experienced at making sure data protection is now increasingly at the forefront of the minds of our healthcare clients.

Whilst the requirement of all social care providers to complete the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) has been a challenge for smaller organisations, Carey has the vital experience and skills to provide insight for the practical application amongst smaller healthcare providers.

Carey is an inspirational, transformation leader with a passion for nurturing teams and managers to learn and deliver the absolute best of care whilst maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

She has spoken at many conferences nationally and internationally about data security and digitalisation in healthcare and became a registered Caldicott Guardian in 2014. She currently sits on the National Caldicott Guardian Council of the UK and is a keen advocate of the Caldicott Guardian role in the care home sector.

Carey’s invaluable experience within the care sector and in implementing data protection within the industry will support us in our mission to be at the forefront of data protection consultancy offerings across the UK. Her background and knowledge will help us provide our clients with the confidence and capabilities to be compliant with data protection legislation, no matter their size or budget and we’re thrilled she has decided to join our team. Look out for more from Carey in the coming months.

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