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What is a physical security audit?

And what does it entail?

All organisations in any industry use data at some point in their processes and having strong physical security not only safeguards their business but improves reputation and client trust. 

What is a physical security audit?

A physical security audit is an evaluation of an organisation’s security systems with a focus on safeguarding property and people – and their information. 

Whilst digital data breaches and hacking threats often make headlines, physical security is just as critical when it comes to securing personal information against unauthorised access, theft or damage. It is often the first line of defence against risks and involves every member of an organisation. 

A physical security audit assesses the security in place on site at a specific location, whether that is a head office or small cottage industry premises. The audit will also assess any processes outside of the physical premises such as transporting data or local storage solutions. 

What is involved?

A thorough analysis will be made of all the assets an organisation holds and has access to, through buildings, equipment and digital methods. A risk assessment will also be completed, with considerations for access points, crime rates and locking mechanisms amongst others. 

Once a review of the physical security is complete, the team will prepare a report covering their findings and providing assurances and recommendations on how to improve. This often becomes the benchmark for development and future reference.  

Physical security is often a ‘quick win’ when it comes to securing data protection. BLS Stay Compliant regularly conducts physical security audits nationwide for our clients. If this is of interest to your organisation, do get in touch with us to discuss further. 

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