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Writing the DSP Toolkit

Have you started yet?

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an online self-assessment that should be completed annually by organisations working within health and social care. It offers the opportunity to check business practices against the ten data security standards set by the National Data Guardian. 

ALL organisations with access to NHS patient data and/or systems must complete the DSPT each year. The next deadline is 30th June 2024. 

Businesses align their practices within the DSPT by confirming assertations and providing supporting evidence. Each of these assertations aligns with the data security standards, allowing for a thorough check of how the organisation is performing from a data protection perspective. 

This allows national and regional regulatory bodies to recognise the company’s compliance and gives service users and their families reassurance that their data is being held and used securely, as per the requirements.  

The ten standards as set by the National Data Guardian include managing data access, continuity planning in case of breaches or other incidents and ensuring staff are fully trained and aware of their role to play.  

Many of our clients request our assistance with the DSPT, whether that be in training their staff and providing the certificates to use as supporting evidence, helping them create policies such as third-party agreements or a privacy policy, or managing and preparing for a potential data breach.  

One of the most popular services we offer is an audit of an organisation’s submission, whether it is in the early stages or ready to be completed. This allows our clients peace of mind knowing that they are on track with the data protection standards and have completed the DSPT satisfactorily, avoiding any additional work or scrutiny into their business. 

Our team is fully trained in the DSPT and, as we complete one ourselves, are aware of the effort involved in creating a suitable submission. If we can help your organisation with yours, please get in touch with us below.  

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